Thank you for considering University Heights Montessori [UHM] for your child's early level Montessori education. To be considered for admissions at University Heights Montessori [UHM], you are required to submit an online enrollment application and pay the non-refundable application fee. With the submission of your enrollment application and processing of your application fee, you will secure a guaranteed spot on our waitlist.


When an opening in our Montessori program comes available, a member of our admissions team will contact an applicant on our waitlist and notify them of their child’s acceptance into our program.


If you have any questions with regard to our enrollment procedures, program pricing or if you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact us at 650.854.6993.


UHM operates year-round as we offer a Montessori educational program during the academic school year (Fall/Spring semesters) and during our Summer semester. UHM is closed for all major and legal holidays. We provide our parents with a flexible program where they have the option to add additional hours for their child to stay longer in the afternoon providing that we have space available.





We are pleased to offer you with a virtually "paperless" Admissions process that will allow you to apply for admissions, schedule a tour and track the status of your application online through one centralized location.


Interested families may apply online through Ravenna, our online admissions system. University Heights Montessori provides a simple admissions process that can be completed in a short amount of time and within only a few steps.


Applications for the 2018-19 school year are due by December 31, 2017. Enrollment decisions for the 2018-19 school year will be published online through Ravenna in February 2018.


To start the online admissions process and explore all of our online options, please click the "Apply Online" button below. Then "Create an Account", follow the prompts and fill out the basic inquiry information required to "Add a Student" to your account. Once complete, you may review customized details about UHM's admission process, by simply visiting the "Explore Page" and following the prompts.




Creating an account does not commit you to applying and you are not required to complete any further forms until and unless you are ready to submit your completed application to UHM. To fill out the application forms, follow the prompts to "Complete/Confirm Your Student's Profile". You may start these forms, leave them partially finished, and return to them at any time; they are not received or viewable by us until you press the "Submit" button.


If you should have any questions with regard to your online application through Ravenna, please feel free to contact us at: 650.854.6993.


Customer Support for your online application is always available through Ravenna, too!


If you are using the Ravenna online admission portal and have any questions related to the online features and how to use them, you may also contact Ravenna Customer Support at any time by emailing


Our paperless admission process at UHM may be “green”, however we truly value the opportunity to get to know you, your child and family while also making sure that you get to know more about us and our Montessori school and program. Please feel free to contact us at any time as we enjoy having the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to get to know you and your family better.







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